There are wide variety of trusts that an individual may decide to implement in the handling of their estate, or in setting rules and directions for the handling of their property should they become incapacitated.  Whether it be for tax reasons, asset protection, creditor protection, or simply to set aside funds for children’s education, trusts […]

As the life expectancies increase, the younger generations are more often left to handle their parent’s matters. If a loved one has not had the appropriate documents executed that allow for decision-making power to be exercised by another, a request for guardianship may become necessary.  Suits for guardianship are a request for a court granting […]

From a technical standpoint, probate is the legal proceeding at which a court is formally informed that someone has died and that the deceased-owned property needs to be administered. For many of us, probate has a negative connotation and is associated with protracted legal battles involving families and friends fighting in court over assets of […]

The discussion regarding how long and to what extent we use medical technology to artificially prolong our life is a difficult one and answers to these questions can be highly personal and strongly held. Unfortunately, for most of us, we delay this decision-making until such a time when we are incapacitated and unable to communicate […]

As the average lifespan increases, our needs and those of our parents and grandparents extend far later in life. Often times we live beyond our capacity to legally handle our own affairs.  There are a variety of causes that can unexpectedly take away our ability to manage our lives that do not involve the loss […]

Wills are not just for the super-rich or the elderly. With relatively minimal expense and hassle, even a simple will can provide for the safekeeping and transfer of family heirlooms, real estate, personal property, and most financial accounts.  A Will may also provide a vehicle to protect your assets meant for minor children, until they […]

Texas has strict rules on the availability of what the Texas Family Code calls spousal maintenance, or what many of us understand as alimony. Not all marriages will qualify for spousal maintenance and most of those that do qualify will only be granted spousal maintenance for a set, relatively short, duration of time.  Consulting with […]

Adoptions can be happy events involving additions to a family or the formal creation of parental rights for a step-parent who has been fulfilling the role of a parent for years. However, many times, an adoption also requires the termination of parental rights for an existing parent.  Often, this formal termination can cause a parent […]

When life changes, even the most carefully crafted court orders can no longer function in a way that is practical. Moving, changing jobs, growing children, new romantic interests, or a parent no longer doing their part for the best interest of the children are just some of the reasons parties find themselves in need of […]

Time with our children and control in their lives as minors is something most of us define as ‘custody’, however the Texas Family Code uses the terms conservatorship, possession and access. Conservatorship deals with a parent’s involvement in the decisions affecting their child, such as educational, medical, and religious decisions, as well as, their primary […]